Litigation Services

Litigation services always include the following,
if your case is accepted:
  • An in-depth interview with the interested individuals
  • Review of the applicable law and legal issue
  • A review of all the records, documents, scene of the incident and witnesses
  • A litigation plan of action discussed with the client under contract, strengths and weaknesses disclosed
  • A review of the case with an expert and specialist in the area under review
  • Attempt to settle the case with the responsible parties
  • Trial and appellate argument, if needed
  • An ending satisfactory to the injured party

Our primary service is to obtain a financial recovery for your injuries, if a careless person or business caused your injuries. We do that as part of an insurance claims process or if needed as a last resort, on lawsuit. We have recovered significant sums for both settlements and verdicts.

The primary services fueled by a thought attributed to Abraham Lincoln – “Advice and Counsel is a Lawyer’s Stock and Trade.”

There are no guarantees in this process, but once we take your case, every reasonable effort will be made to reach a result that will make you and your family both pleased and happy.

Completely tell us what happened to you, why you think someone was careless and responsible, and what your doctors are telling you about your medical future. We can advise you pretty quickly at consultation. Reach out now and contact me.

There is no duty to represent any client unless a client has signed a written contract with a lawyer for specific legal services.